Tailor-made Courses

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.
Steve Jobs

Tolerance in The Workplace – Stronger in Diversity

This program is inspired by the UAE Government initiative, 2019 – The Year of Tolerance, and explores diversity within the workplace. We aim to encourage participants to develop an improved sense of their vital roles in building the frameworks for tolerance and its continuity within their organisations. We consider how we might capitalize on our differences. Through a series of games and tasks we explore the importance of dialogue, of good communication, of building group cohesion and resilience and a commonality of purpose leading to the final exercise where participants experience the powerful impact of a diverse but cohesive team all working towards the same business win.

Storytelling for Business

Our uniquely designed storytelling workshop provides creative processes and tools to enable business people to communicate core ideas with memorable clarity and impact. We deconstruct the storytelling process to guide participants towards the successful structuring of corporate stories, presentations and pitches in an emotional, engaging and powerful way that inspires action and influences results. The program offers the skills to become dynamic storytellers, to develop an ability to bring facts and figures to life and to tell the story of the brand and business in a compelling authentic and unique manner. We also examine how storytelling skills can be woven into oral, written or social communications, from selling a new internal strategy to getting stakeholders on board.

Accessing Creativity In A Business Setting

In a recent global Gallup poll by IBM, 1,500 CEOs from 60 different countries in 33 industries, isolated the single most important factor in hiring new talent as their capacity for Creativity.

Today in our modern business world we face greater challenges and complexities than ever before. The world is more uncertain, more volatile, more complex, with ever changing rules and increasingly excessive amounts of data to be consumed daily. Our ability to respond creatively to these challenges is essential for success. The most successful companies in today’s market have placed the capacity for creative thinking firmly at the centre of their business. On our one-day workshop we offer new ways of looking at problems through exploring creativity and lateral thinking. We offer new insights, concrete tools and exercises to explore creative potential within a business context. Through the program we aim to help you place creativity at the centre of your practice and build environments where creativity can thrive.

De-stress your Workplace: Resilience and Motivation

In the ancient days of the caveman, our stress reaction was the most important instinct we human possessed … it kept us alive. The triggering of the Fight or Flight response told us to run when the Sabre Tooth Tiger attacked or turn around and fight it. Today stress takes on a different form.

The World Health Organization describes stress as the “global epidemic of the 21st Century”. From the moment we wake up till the moment we shut our eyes many of us are “connected” – answering emails, sending texts responding to the myriad demands on our time. This hyper connectedness places huge pressure on our wellbeing. However, as the pace and intensity of the modern workplace is unlikely to change it’s more important than ever to build our resilience skills in order for us to effectively navigate the challenges of working life.

In our one day workshop participants explore and develop a personal toolkit for building resilience focussing on Attitudes, Behaviours and Social Support, isolating their personal key Stress Triggers and developing coping strategies to turn Stress into an asset.

Creating Effective Stakeholder Engagement

For a project to succeed, it is crucial to make sure all Stakeholders are on board and engaged. In order to do this, it is essential to understand the current and future needs of all stakeholder engagement groups, regulators, Shareholders, customers and the wider community.

Our one day workshop explores strategies to translate stakeholder needs into organisational goals through addressing aspects of the triple bottom line, transparency, communication and corporate social responsibility. Our aim is to translate the Stakeholders perception of a risk into a window of opportunity.

Creating Killer Presentations

In this workshop we examine the key skills needed to make presentations ping! How can you be more charismatic, authentic and confident? How can you better engage your audience, establish excellent rapport and leave them wanting more? On this one day course we explore your presentation skills. We consider how to generate your material, construct your presentation, edit your content, distil your key message and wrap it in your own unique style and voice. The day finishes with an opportunity to showcase your presentation to peers and experts.

Team Building

In our workshop we explore team building with a series of games and tasks using the mediums of writing, drawing, performance, storytelling and voice to focus in on what best makes your team tick. Whatever your team’s unique need is to strengthen efficacy in the business arena, we can address it directly and creatively in our bespoke workshops. Our approach is fun, creative and impactful!

Making Data Sing

People rarely tell stories with numbers but in an ever increasing world of data driven decision making we need the ability to make sense of numbers for our audience. Our workshop explores and practices how to wrap statistics in story, making the data emotional, memorable and relevant. Whether you are pitching an idea, persuading people or simply informing your stakeholders. We help you make data sing.

Finding Your Inner Ted

Even the best public speakers can benefit from taking their style and shaking it up to get beyond traditional PowerPoint presentations. Our workshop explores methods of presenting sophisticated ideas in a simple and accessible way. Taking an idea or information and practicing how to deliver it briefly, clearly and with impact.